Believing in music.

In Seedj you can find courses, contacts and resources necessary to accelerate your path in the electronic music industry.

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Talking about us:

We support the growth of artists in the electronic music industry.

In a single platform we have enclosed the services necessary for professional growth as a DJ/Producer.

Watch new video contents featuring the best exponents of the underground industry, connect instantly with hundreds of labels and booking agencies, get exclusive samples libraries and charts (and many more features are coming very soon).

What’s included in SEEDJ?

A variety of benefits are included in one subscription.
And it costs less than €1 a day.

Courses Library

Every month we enrich our library with new contents in collaboration with the main exponents of the sector.

All our courses are available in high-quality and subtitled in English, Spanish, French, German and Italian.

Swipe to see some of our tutors.

DJing Courses

Production Courses

and many more available in our library.

Upcoming Courses

more to be announced shortly.

Who is SEEDJ for?


those who have not yet started.


those who have just started out.


those who are on the road already.

Join our movement.

We are already +5.000 DJs & Producers in 60 countries all over the world

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Your subscription price will be flat forever.

Premium Features

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What's included in your Cyber Offer?

Secure Payment

Your payment process will be managed and guaranteed by our official financial gateway: Stripe.

Dedicated onboarding

After your checkout you can book a dedicated onboarding session with our team to plan your learning path.

Mobile version [Dec 2022]

Finally you will watch all our courses and use our features on mobile and tablets.

Seedj 2.0 [Early 2023]

A completely renewed dashboard, personalised paths, goals setting, checklists and much more.

Talent Pool [Early 2023]

You will be introduced by our team to high-tier labels, venues, medias and booking agencies to make high valuable new connections in the industry.

Unlimited Track Uploads

You can upload unlimited tracks gaining more visibility from the record labels.
(Limit for the Basic plan: 3 tracks)

Unlimited Courses

You can watch unlimited video courses including all Masterclasses and Tutorials.

Unlimited Samples Libraries

You can download unlimited samples.
(Limit for the Basic plan: 50 samples)

Unlimited Daily Charts

You can open unlimited Charts, play and buy tracks directly on SEEDJ.
(Limit for the Basic plan: 10 charts)

Unlimited Requests Opening

You can open and accept unlimited requests from Labels and Agencies.
(Limit for the Basic plan: 2 requests)

Unlimited Contests [Early 2023]

Join competitions with record labels, venues, and media and get rewards.
(Limit for the Basic Plan: 2 contests)

Plugins & Software [Early 2023]

You can get paid plugin & softwares from our partner network included in your plan.
(Limit for the Basic plan: 1 offer)

This offer is ending shortly.

New contents every week.

With your subscription you get access to all our features and exclusive contents.

Courses, partners, samples and charts will be updated weekly.

Upload your tracks and get signed by record labels.

In SEEDJ you can upload your tracks with no limits.

Labels, in line with your genre, will carry out periodic scanning to choose the next track/artist to sign.

Labels will contact you through the Chat and you can accept or decline their offers for the release of your track with no extra costs.

Accept Requests

Upload your tracks to be contacted by Labels filtered by your music genre.

+170 Labels Partner

We have involved over 170 Record Labels all over the world that will be listening to your demos on SEEDJ.

We work with

Media & Agencies to support your growth.

We collaborate with the major exponents of the electronic music industry.

Booking agencies and media will review your profile periodically and connect with you to start new collaborations.

Samples & Loops ready for your productions.

You will gain access to our always-updated sounds library with +240 new samples every month filtered by your genre.

Exclusive charts to build your track library.

Every day we will release some charts filtered by genre in collaboration with medias, DJs and labels.

You can buy the tracks you prefer instantly via Beatport, Bandcamp or TraxSource.


Seedj is an online platform created for electronic music DJs & Producers that want to get their careers in music industry.

With Seedj you will get new masterclasses, tutorials, samples and charts from the best exponents of the electronic music industry every month.

You can also upload your tracks, create your profile and accept or decline requests by Labels and Booking Agencies.

With the Black Friday offer you are purchasing a Premium subscription with a special price.

It means that you will get unlimited features with no limits of usage.

In details:

▪ Upload unlimited tracks

▪ Open and accept unlimited requests from Labels and Agencies

▪ Watch unlimited hours of contents (Masterclasses, Tutorials…)

▪ Download unlimited Samples

▪ Open unlimited Charts

You will have the Premium plan (standard price: 49€/month) with a special price, you will be saving a lot of money and get our features and course library unlimited.

You should always keep your profile updated with new tracks, photos and videos to allow Labels & Agencies to see your profile on the top of their database.

They will contact you to release new tracks (Labels) or join their roster and book new dates (Agencies).

You will get exclusive Masterclasses, Tutorials and Interviews about: DJing and Producing Techniques, Sound Design, Mixing & Mastering, Conceptual Learning, Signal Audio Processing, Label Management, Artist Promotion and many more topics.

At your first login you will get 150 hours of contents that we will update with 3 more courses every months.

We will update contents and features every month.

After purchasing your subscription, you will instantly gain access to SEEDJ and you will start paying fee based on the cycle that you have chosen in the first checkout (3 or 6 months).

Your subscription price will be fixed forever. (no hidden fees or amount increase).

Seedj 2.0 will be the new version of our platform that we will release in Q1 2023.

It will include some main integrations and new features that will improve your experience in Seedj.

If you buy now the 6-months bundle, the new version will be included in your first cycle.

Is SEEDJ for you?

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