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3 months of SEEDJ


This bundle will give you the access to SEEDJ and all the unlimited features for 3 months from the activation.

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SEEDJ is the first digital accelerator for techno, house & tech-house DJs and producers.

In a single platform we have enclosed the services necessary for professional growth as a DJ/Producer in the electronic music sector.

Connect instantly with hundreds of labels and booking agencies, watch new video contents featuring the best exponents of the underground industry, get exclusive sample libraries and charts.

What’s included in SEEDJ?

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Courses Library

Every month we will publish new contents featuring the main exponents of the sector.

Accept Requests

Upload your tracks to be contacted by Labels filtered by your music genre.

+100 Labels Partner

We have involved over 100 Record Labels all over the world that will be listening to your demos on SEEDJ.



SEEDJ is an online platform created for electronic music DJs & Producers that want to accelerate their career in music industry.



You can upload your tracks, create your profile, accept or decline requests by Labels to release your tracks, accept or decline requests by Booking Agencies to join their roster.



You will also get new masterclasses, tutorials, samples and charts from the best exponents of the electronic music industry every month.

With your pre-order you are purchasing a Premium subscription with a special price (you’ll be saving 60%).

It means that you will get unlimited features with no limits of usage.

In details:

– Upload unlimited tracks

– Open and accept unlimited requests from Labels and Agencies

– Watch unlimited hours of contents (Masterclasses, Tutorials…)

– Download unlimited Samples

– Open unlimited Charts

You will have the Premium plan (standard price: 49€/month) with a special price (59€ for a 3-months access) and you will be saving 60%.

You should always keep your profile updated with new tracks, photos and videos to allow Labels & Agencies to see your profile on the top of their database.


They will contact you to release new tracks (Labels) or join their roster and book new dates (Agencies).

You will get exclusive Masterclasses, Tutorials and Interviews about: DJing and Producing Techniques, Sound Design, Mixing & Mastering, Conceptual Learning, Signal Audio Processing, Label Management, Artist Promotion.


At your first login you will get 100 hours of contents that we will update with 30 more hours every months.



All the tutors are professional DJs, Producers and Teachers recognized all over the world in our industry. You will learn from the best exponents of the electronic music.

We will update contents and features every month.

After purchasing your 3-months access for €59, you will instantly gain access to SEEDJ and you will not have any auto-renewal at the end of the period.

With the Premium SEEDJ Plan you gain access to SEEDJ with no usage limits.



With the Basic SEEDJ Plan you gain access to the platform with usage limits such as: tracks uploads, acceptance of requests, samples download, chart openings.



Masterclasses and tutorials are unlimited for both.